“…  An indispensable tool for charting my course through our bewildering modern world. This course was thoughtfully designed by smart and experienced instructors. I finished each weekend with an increased sense of competence and renewed energy to bring back to my home community.”
Participant – Denver PDC 2016 – 2017

“Permaculture brings so many of my values into a singular discipline and the PDC has been a place where I can show up as more fully myself than in most of day-to-day life. And how life-giving it has been to be a part of a vibrant community of diverse, yet like minded folks!”
Participant – Denver PDC 2016 – 2017

“Even though I have 2 masters from CU, I learned more in this course that will be useful to me in my daily life.
Before I took this course I had not heard about permaculture and was not sure what to expect. It is exciting to know that these principles can be applied to pretty much all aspects of life.”
Burghilde – Denver PDC 2016 – 2017

“I really enjoyed so much about this course. The initial reasons that I signed up for the course were definitely addressed but ended up being the things I was least interested in. I’ve gained so many new perspectives and ideas in areas that I never anticipated when signing up, such as work life, family life, social and financial life, etc. I would recommend this to anyone.”
Participant – Denver PDC 2016 – 2017

“This PDC feels like coming home back to what feels intuitive… Each instructor brings their unique perspective–it’s a lovely combination of energy and experience.”
Stacey – Denver PDC 2016 – 2017



“I found the experience to be very worthwhile. The building of community and the course progression was well planned. For me personally I enjoyed how it was in line with my lifelong practices and philosophies and provided a model that intentionally has you being innovative and forward thinking about design solutions. It was a great joy and I would recommend it to any interested parties from beginners to seasoned horticulturalists.”
Michael – Denver PDC 2012

“I definitely have recommended the course to many people already…  I find that every day I think about some lesson that I learned in the course, whether that be stacking functions or zones or how to organize my room. So if I’m not thinking about the course directly I’m thinking about something Bill Mollison said in his book…I ultimately plan on having my own landscape business, and I would definitely like it to reflect the permaculture principals.”
Alison – Denver PDC 2012

“Thank you so much for being so open and available. You’ve all made permaculture so approachable and have encouraged us completely. You made us feel like peers on the same path, just at different places and that’s really cool!”
 Therese – Denver PDC 2013

“The GrowHaus did a good job teaching the topics while providing a very realistic perspective on practicality and implementation. I have always ended my classes with a saying “teaching is to show that something is possible, but learning is making it possible for yourself.” Now it is up to all of us to figure out how to deepen our learning through practice, more education and experience. Thanks for getting us started on the path.”
 Tawnya – Denver PDC 2013

” The instructors were wonderful. Each of them brought such a distinct but complimentary background, set of skills, perspectives to bear and worked so well as a team. And the people! What an incredible group of people, and so fascinating that we’re all on our own version of a crazy journey – including students and teachers”
 Deb – Denver PDC 2013

“This course was great! It was very comprehensive. I was exposed to so much information and ideas that are possible, that it just made me want to learn more – and more importantly do more. I think this course its a great example of not only reducing our impact but increasing our ‘doing'”
Fernando – Denver PDC 2013

“Estoy muy agradecida con ustedes por compartir sus experiencias y aprendisaje muy emocionada y con muchas ganas de aprender mas”
Maria – Denver PDC 2013

“A good course that offers people a new perspective on how to live in the world. That is pretty cool. Thank you for all of your good work.”
Bruce – Denver PDC 2013