February Homework

The following two items for your group design project should be complete by February’s class.When they’re ready, you can upload them to the appropriate folder in the Group Design Project Dropbox.

Basemap: an accurate, scaled map of your design site in black ink on large white paper, showing permanent features only.

Site analysis: one document that summarizes all the information you’ve gathered about your site thus far. This should include:

  • Direct observations from site visits
  • Summaries of your client interview and any additional interviews
  • Research on soil surveys, property tax records, historical climate info, census data, etc
  • Zone analysis showing current zones of activity
  • Sector analysis, including patterns of the following energies/flows:
    • Patterns of sunlight and shade
    • Prevailing winds
    • Land slope and water sources (downspouts, taps, etc)
    • Views to preserve or block
    • Smells or sounds to preserve or block
    • Wildlife
    • Vehicular traffic
    • Pedestrian circulation
  • Any other information that is relevant to your specific project